Donna (sassi214) wrote in thequestionclub,

etsy centric questions

For those that use etsy for buying and selling...

I'm in the need of some help. I've had my etsy shop since 2006. Over the last years I've had only a small amount of success there in terms of sales. I was hoping to use it as my main shop, but it slowly became obvious that it was to be more of a supplement to all of the other venues that I've utilized. I've had my own website shop, I've done small open houses/home shopping parties, and I've done bigger fairs/bazaars. It's been a nice additional income for our family when I can really put a lot of time and energy into it. But now I'm looking to explore either other options, or to maximize what etsy offers.

My questions:

Do you shop on etsy?
How frequently?
How do you usually search on etsy?

Do you have a shop on etsy?
How often do you list?
How are your sales?

Do you have a small business outside of etsy?
How do you promote your business?
What type of business is it?
How are your sales?

Thanks for any info you are willing to provide!

(also, feel free to link me to your business facebook page or etsy shop in the comments!)
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