Jean (givemethechild) wrote in thequestionclub,

Thanks everybody for your awesome advice about questions to ask a potential landlord. The viewing of the house went really well and we submitted an application! And he said out of everybody who's viewed the place, we're his favorite. :3

Question time. I have an old Morsø cast-iron wood stove kind of like the one pictured, except much older. It's in pretty good condition on the outside and I want to repurpose it somehow. What should I do with it? I want it inside, maybe in the family room because it's a great little conversation piece (see the squirrel molded into the side!). It also has a hole on top that the chimney goes into; I'd close it up somehow. Maybe I could use it as an end table?

Dk/dc: what's your favorite home-improvement/life-hack DIY project? The cheaper, the better. Our new house needs a lot of love, so any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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