Zoe Fox (muffn_enchntrss) wrote in thequestionclub,
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ipod weirdness

 i just uploaded my old ipod mini into my computer and idk its possessed or something, when i loaded it it said i had listened to alternative polka (this weird al song) 493 times and i never listen to it, its play count was probably 10 or something before hand, and it said all these other songs ive listened to so many times that were nowhere near that count before.   ts soo weird idk whats going on lol its been plugged in to my speaker in teh bathroom for a really long time and it hasnt been loaded for forever but i def havent listened to that alt. polka 493 times (in fact i never did lol) and now it says i have like 50 songs that ive listened to over 100 times and before i loaded it i had like 5 or 7 or 10 or something that were over 100 like that. and then some songs havent changed at all. does anyone know what's going on here?

oh, and another thing it did was really mess around wiht my rating count (like the stars) it kept some of the stars but others are completely gone....and all of my songs had stars by them btw.....
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