A sloth's battle cry (leka_moya) wrote in thequestionclub,
A sloth's battle cry

I am planning to break up with my boyfriend of three years tonight. We live in an apartment that we own together.

I love and respect him deeply, and he's an incredibly wonderful guy - my best friend, as well as my partner. This is a decision I've thought about for some time and there is no doubt left. I know that of all the alternatives, this is the right one.

I know very well that it will hurt and upset him no matter what. I know that it will be sad. But what I want to know is - how can I approach this in the most respectful and honest way possible? More than anything, I want to honour the level of respect we have always had for each other throughout our whole relationship. He's a very decent, honest and intelligent guy.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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