Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

wwyd strays!

The other night we obtained a stray German Shepherd. She's great with my kids but is not cat friendly. Last night my husband slept in the living room with her and she tore apart the trash can. Tonight my husband is out.

I do have a porch but it isn't heated. There is a space heater but I'm not sure how safe it is for the dog to be in the porch with it on all night though it shuts off if tipped over (leaving the dog to freeze in -25C coldness).

Should I move the trash into my other back porch where she can't access it and keep her inside (please note the other concerns with her being inside below)? Or should I risk leaving her in the porch all night and having her whine/bark and be very cold if the heater is tipped?

The dangers with her in the house is she has not met my cat yet (though she's seen her) and appears animal aggressive (when I walk her she lunges at other dogs and she did growl at my cat in the 5 seconds it took my cat to turn tail and run for her life). My cat probably won't leave my bedroom but I can't shut the door with her inside as my 4 year old comes to my bed every night and will freak out if the door isn't open. There is a baby gate preventing the dog from coming upstairs.

The other concern with her inside is all of the billions of toys my kids have. They're in the toy bin but the dog can easily get in it and eat them and the Christmas tree is up so she can get to that too...

I have no idea. Thoughts?!

Here's the pup if you want to see her! She's so sweet (with people)! My son has unfortunately dubbed her 'Berry' for her time here.
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