squidger (squidger) wrote in thequestionclub,

Be an armchair vet for me? I need reassurance.

My dog's a bit sick. :( He was up at around 12:30 this morning acting restless, and when we brought him downstairs, he puked his dinner. My dad took him outside, and he had bad diarrhea. Years ago, we lost a dog due to intestinal blockage, so I'm super paranoid, so we took him to a local animal hospital. They gave him subcutaneous fluids, nausea meds, and gave us antibiotics for him. Because he didn't have any other symptoms, no tenderness, and was actually pretty excited, they told us to bring him home and see if he eats a tiny amount of rice and chicken at ten this morning. Since then he's had a few more tiny bits of diarrhea and a bit more bile, but he seems generally not too bad. Either sleeping curled up like normal or alert. We fed him about half a cup thirty minutes ago, and he gobbled it right up and wanted more (we're waiting for that). Because he ate, he's getting better, right? It's less likely to be some sort of blockage? He doesn't seem to be in any type of pain or discomfort.

Do you have any stories of pets being pretty sick but getting better? How do you reassure yourself they're going to be fine? (I also lost another dog very young because of a brain tumor, and I'm already a bit neurotic.)
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