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I bluntly told a person, after he was a shitty friend to me, that I no longer had any interest in continuing our friendship because he was a shitty friend and did shitty things. After thinking that he got the hint because I was very blunt, I went on my merry way. A few months later, he texts me (I deleted him off my social media and phone, so I didn't know it was him at first) asking "Do you want to be my friend?"

Now, tell me, TQC, why would a person even attempt this after being bluntly told that he was disliked? Why would he still have my number? Stupidity? Arrogance (he's a very arrogant person)? I can't find any logic in this, so maybe you'll give me some insight.

He has since tried being "a friend" and bonding over things (he's a triathlete and I raced my first triathlon not too long ago, so he tried to bond over that but I told him I didn't want his help and that I had other friends willing to help me through my race) but is failing because I don't think his shittiness will ever change. I reject any of his invites to hang out, don't RSVP to his event he sends via e-mail, and don't reply to his messages, and after telling him that I don't want to be his friend, I'm not sure how much more blunt I can be.

So... Insight, oh wise TQC. Why would someone be like this?

DK/DC: How's the weather where you live?
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