Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I was at the local high school recently, brother's graduation and all that.
The guidance counselor posts newspaper articles about students on the window from his office to the hallway, to screen him a bit and give people walking by something to read. This time, there was an article about my brother because he got a scholarship(and I guess this year fewer local people got it, because there's about 10 inches of article and a largish picture instead of a bunch of short blurbs). There were a few about students who'd taken trips to foreign countries to study or do charity work. Someone got into college on a track scholarship, that was there too.

One of the articles was about this girl I was sortof friends with, a little snobby, must've rubbed off of her popular-girl sister. The article is about her staying happy and hopeful and still being nice to people and not hiding in a shell or anything- I expected the article to say she'd recently found out she had cancer or something- but instead it's that her mother is about to go on trial for killing her father. The article goes on to say -how- she allegedly killed him and I think when the court date is, and that she(girl) thinks her mom is innocent.

Now, is it just me, or did the guidance counselor not 100% think this one through before posting it?

Why do insect bites itch -more- when you scratch them?

Can you make balloon animals?
I can make parrots, and I can make something that is either a dog or a giraffe. and if it's a dog, sometimes I can almsot make it into a poodle.
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