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question about islam & wearing hijab

i don't want to offend anyone but i cant seem to find an answer to this and was hoping someone here could tell me.

i live in the midwest and its fucking COLD. it was 3 degrees on my way to work, it easily gets into negative degrees, and theres a wind chill. i work at a university and lately on my way to work theres a class thats getting out at that time and i always see 3 girls who all wear the hijab, and one who wears a niqab so everything but a slit for her eyes is covered. i took a different route to work today so i didnt see them, but made me wonder...

is it okay to wear a hat and scarf on top of your islam headpieces? when its negative degrees and a windchill i assume that the thin cloth used isnt going to be warm enough. or if they make wool/fleece/cold weather head gear please enlighten me!

sort of related: i read an article about how leaders in islam had to decide how a muslim astronaut would pray on the ISS because you cant face mecca from there, plus youre in motion.
what other kinds of science advancements will religions have to make new rules for?
i'm imagining like they make a hybrid buffalo/cow - is this new half cow okay for hindus to eat? or what about for islam and judaism if they breed a half pig, half tapir?

dk/dc - whats your favorite sweater? pictures welcome.
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