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Im a human being, and Im entitled to my emotions.

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It might already be a bit out of date. I've heard that after Katy Perry‘s recent visit to Japan, she seemed to have inspired with Japanese culture once again and as a result, she couldn't resist her desire to show herself as one of a Japanophile and showed Japanese cosplay at the 2013 American Music Awards, which caused special pleasure to Japanese people, I suppose. However, media in U.S. called her performance racist. I wonder why....If I wore Indian cultural dress and joined an international party, I believe that Indian people would be astonished and then become happy to know my intention of telling a message of I love India. Understanding full of other cultural/traditional dress is impossible; such as Kimonos don't have exposed chests or slits at the sides, etc.. So they are hard to dance about in. The collar and the fit of the dress is more cheongsam than kimono. Although Katy's way of wearing kimono was inappropriate, it is perfectly fine. We, Japanese people celebrate Christmas anyway even most of us are either Buddhist or Shinto believers...Any opinion?



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