Sarah (flying_pig7) wrote in thequestionclub,

Present Ideas

I am going to Germany in January to work as an au pair. I'm in the UK at the moment. I want to bring the kids some little presents to say hi. I'll probably bring a box of chocolates for the parents/famiy.

I have some cellophane gift bags so I was thinking of filling one each - any ideas for what to put in?

They are boys, aged 3 and 9. I'd like the bags to be similar because they might compare, but the age difference might make it tricky. They like playing outside, reading/being read to (but don't speak English very well) and apart from that I don't know anything helpful for present buying. I will skype them again before I go but I'd like to buy things before then.

My ideas so far have been bubbles, bouncy balls, little colouring books, those giant balloon punch bags. Anyone know where I might be able to get just two of each of those online? Any "older" ideas for the 9-year old?

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