kaycee (ballroom) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need some help or ideas on what might be going on with my cat. I'm planning on taking him to the vet ASAP (Thursday when I get paid) and have been planning to for a while, but I feel it's definitely urgent now.

my cat Jackson is 4 years old. I adopted him in August, and he has irritable bowel disorder, which causes him to be on a special diet. since adoption, I've kept him on the same food they fed him at the shelter (hill's prescription diet d/d wet food), and it's seemed to work pretty well for him. he rarely vomits and when he does a couple of times a month, it's clear with no blood. his stools are solid and blood free as well.

over the past few weeks I noticed a few scabs/crusty spots around his head, neck, and ears. it didn't seem to cause him any discomfort as he wasn't scratching any more than normal and was his usual friendly self. I still planned to take him to the vet in December to get some blood work done just in case.

tonight I was brushing him, and I'm assuming the brush picked off a rather large scab. I looked down and saw this wound on his head:

has anyone ever experienced something like this? I'm just really worried and from what I've read on the internet it could potentially be a food allergy (which sucks because I JUST bought a new case of his food and it's over $60 a case!) still.. any insight would be appreciated!
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