Merry (pridian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Secret Shopping!

I heard an ad on the radio this morning saying that they were looking for secret shoppers.

Have any of you actually been a secret shopper? How much did you average a month? $400-$600 a month?

Did you pay a "small" fee to get training on how to be a secret shopper? How much was it? Did you stick with it long enough for it to be worthwhile? Did you have any problems getting reimbursed (I'm assuming you first pay out of your own pocket for the experience and then when you show the receipt with everything you bought on that shop, they pay you back)?

I'd like to do it, but not if it actually ends up with me losing money.

I was looking online for what the cost of the "small" fee was and I found this on one site: For a low one time fee of nineteen ninety five... It kind of bothers me that they wrote it in letters when they used numbers in other places and they wrote it like it would cost $19.95 versus $1,995. Well at least I'm assuming it's $1,995 because it wouldn't make much sense for the company to have you only pay $19.95 and you get paid $10-40 per shop and you get to keep what you buy for free.
However if it's worth it, I think I might be willing to.
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