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I'm on a work visa. I have to make up a certain amount of hours, can get asked/forced to work any time and I don't know my schedule week by week. In short, work comes first, life comes after.
I am on a roller derby league (in the recruitment phase). I have explained to them I will have trouble making every practice/volunteer requirements because of work, especially during the Christmas period. I have missed a fair few practices but am still ahead of most of the other recruitees as i've been skating for years.
Today we had our minimum skills test. I took the day off work for it, only to get there to be told I can't test. I asked to be able to do the tests alongside anyway. I 'would have' passed every single one.
After an hour of being treated like the naughty kid at school, I walked out. I felt humiliated and singled out.
My 'big' (mentor) and also coach texted me saying she guessed I was thinking of quitting and what could they do to work with me. At this point, I feel like they just feel guilty for treating me badly, and I don't really want to go back as I won't get on the league proper anyway due to my inability to make every practice and service hours, despite being a very good skater and having a good attitude toward the practices I can make. I do want to reply to the text explaining how I have conveyed my issues with work which no one has aknowledged and that there is probably not much point with me continuing with them as I will never make league requirements as they are clearly based on more than skating skill. Is this really passive aggressive?

Do I give them another chance (and probably end up only allowed in the kiddie rink and not allowed to scrimmage) or find another league?

Tl;dr, roller derby can be really bitchy and mean. Should I throw in the towel/find another league?

ETA: There is another local league having a recruitment on Tuesday, i'm just not sure how connected the two leagues are (but i'm 90% sure theyre not at all)
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