J (anguisel) wrote in thequestionclub,

"Do you work here?" Nope, just stole someone's uniform and decided to wear it.

For the 4 months I waited for a name tag, I only got that question of Do you work here? once or twice. Now that I have a shiny new name tag, nearly every person asks me this. On Black Friday, I was tired after opening Thanksgiving as well and just trying to get tags stuck into a lock up box so people know the prices along with trying to not get hit by carts since I had to sit on the ground to even be able to get into the case. Then it happened and I couldn't stop myself.

*Has keys to the case, rmu, a label maker, ~shiny name tag~ and an open electronics case in front of her*

Customer: Do you work here?
Me: Nope, just reaching into this case to steal shit.
*brain screams no in Shatner fashion*
Customer: *not even a pause* Do you know where flashlights are?

So tell me, question club. Has there been a time and place where you got asked a question so frequently that you went into a Bill Engval 'Here's Your Sign' quip before you could stop yourself?
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