Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Grown up and away and it's never the same.

Have any of you returned home for the holidays only to find that you and your high school friends have nothing in common anymore? What do you do when hanging out with them? Or do you just spend your time without friends while you're at home?

I am realizing as a group, I never really enjoyed hanging out with my high school friends even in high school because I never had anything in common with them except maybe political views, but I stuck with them because they were the best option and I had low self-confidence so cared about what they thought. Now as a 24-year old, living out of state and in a completely different environment the last six years, I have even less in common with them and less of a desire to hang out with them since I no longer really care. I like them all individually, but it's as a group where I get really annoyed and bored.

This isn't a problem (because that would make it seem silly), just an inquiry if anyone else feels this way.
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