Bloody Bitch (o0okireo0o) wrote in thequestionclub,
Bloody Bitch

Has anyone confronted a neighbour about extremely loud music playing before? How did that go?

I posted last night about my neighbour, and he's doing it again. He's blasting country. I can hear it on all three levels of my house. It sounds like church in here. I don't have a landlord, and I don't wish to call the cops. And he's super scary. I'm alone and I suck at confrontations. It's so rude. I was half thinking of asking the neighbour on the other side if it's bothering her too.

EDIT: I just looked up how to register a noise complaint for my area, and it takes several days for them to even investigate because of the large amount of complaints. I'm about to just leave my house. I can hear the words.

EDIT 2: He stopped again. What in the hell is he doing where he blast country super loud for about an hour at random times during the day..
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