Dayna (zsolarstar) wrote in thequestionclub,


I am concerned about my mom. She's only 61 but has a lot of health problems and her COPD is getting worse. She is also very stubborn. My dad died over 10 years ago so she's been living by herself for a while. I am worried because she hasn't been putting much effort into cooking for herself at home as evidenced by weight loss and decreased appetite. (I work in medicine and I am worried there is something more serious going on, but she keeps these things to herself and refuses to let us in on it.) She has expressed interest in Meals on Wheels, but I am not sure she qualifies because she's not 100% homebound. I would move her in if she would let me or cook for her every single day but I live in NC and she lives in Michigan. Do you know of any senior meal programs that can deliver meals regularly?

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