GENENINAH - because becky can't spell (mrshannibal) wrote in thequestionclub,
GENENINAH - because becky can't spell

ok, so the other day someone (and this person is a really good cook as i eat her food all the time and this is the only complaint i've ever had) attempted to make my favourite dish...gizzard in a brown flour gravy w/a little onion and bellpepper w/tomato sauce...they were thrilled...everyone who had sampled it said it tasted great...i came in the kitchen to look at it and thought, it looked so gross - the flour was in lumps and instead of dissolving in the water and tomato sauce and the meat just looked first reaction was "ohmigawd! what happened?" of course, not tactful...but DID look gross...i did taste it and thought i would gag...the cook's remark to my reaction? "well, i'm never making that again!" i appeased her by saying i had a headache and didn't feel good...
so, my questions are you is:

when someone attempted to make your favourite dish and it turned out badly/really bad - what was the dish? what was your reaction? have you ever ruined a dish you were making for someone else? what was it? what was their reaction? you consider yourself a good cook? what's your favourite dish to make?
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