Take this big ribbon off my eyes... (mocking0jay) wrote in thequestionclub,
Take this big ribbon off my eyes...

State of Alabama

I bought a car 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I wasn't told by the financing people that my title app wasn't with my paperwork and that they didn't have my title yet.


They still don't have it. First it was that the auction house in Florida they bought the car from didn't have the tag from the seller yet. Now it's that there title-processing computer software iss down.


They didn't even give me a temporary tag. One of the financing guys said he'd pay whatever penalty fees mvr slaps on me when I get my tag when/if it's late, but how does that really help. Me? And if I get a ticket and get my car towed for driving an unregistered vehicle?


What are my rights and what should I know/do or expect from them? How can I make them fix this?


I have a 2 hour drive on the interstate this week then another one back home from Thanksgiving and all I have in place of a tag is a JD Byrider advertisement.

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