devolute (devolute) wrote in thequestionclub,

Slow cooker question

I'm not usually a crock pot user, so I'm asking for some recipe feedback. Let me know if you know of a better place to ask!

So my friend and I are making a Shepherd's Pie (vegan, lentils + veggies instead of meat) for a work potluck. She is making the mashed potatoes and I am making the base and then we're going to put them together at work. We have about 3 hours before the potluck from the time we get in. Would it be best to totally cook each option separately, and then simply reheat them together? Leave them semi-cooked and then put the crock pot on a higher setting for 3 hours so they have time to marinate together? Is there a strategy here or do we wing it and hope for the best?

Dk/dc: Do you use a crock pot, if so what do you like to make?
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