eveschildren (eveschildren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone have any experience with epsom salt baths? What were you taking them for? Did it help? Did you have any bad effects?

I ask because it was recommended to me to start taking them every couple of days, so far I've done it twice, and each time I feel normal while in the bath but once I get out I feel really achy all over for awhile. Obviously I'm going to bring it up to my doctor next week when I see her but was wondering if anyone had any personal stories involving epsom salt baths.

If your above answer is "no", do you take regular baths at all? Do you like anything special in them? Bubbles? Essential oils?

I don't really like baths tbh. If I could tolerate hot water better then maybe they'd be more enjoyable but I usually get cold really fast after the warm water cools and the tub is so uncomfortable.
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