Tara (oneandonlytara) wrote in thequestionclub,

Gamers of TQC (especially those familiar with xbox 360)

(Side note: I know the Xbox One just came out, but I'm not really all that interested in it and I'm not one to need the latest and greatest.)

I love console gaming. I really only have experience with Nintendo systems though and am considering getting an xbox 360. I've never played one, but recently I've been watching a ton of Let's Play videos on Youtube and am starting to think that I'd enjoy one. I'm not really one for games like Call of Duty, though Grand Theft Auto, Dead Island and some of the ones in the Lego series are intriguing.

My question is, due to mild Cerebral Palsy I only have use of my right hand. Is using a 360 controller gonna be difficult? If it helps to know my level of ability, I can use a SNES controller with no issue, a gamecube controller with little issue and the wiimote with no issue. Games that require the use of the Nintendo wii nunchuk are a maybe. For instance, I can use it to box with, but cannot play games like Zelda Twilight Princess at all. I tried, but couldn't get the hang of navigating with it AND using the wiimote at the same time. I also have a Nintendo DS that I can use with no problem at all. Some games are more difficult than others due to button mapping, but I get by.

I'm probably gonna take a look at Best Buy this week if they've got the Xbox One set up to make sure before I decide on anything. I think the controllers are similar, so I can gauge that way.

Thoughts? Your insight is appreciated!
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