Emily (amalius) wrote in thequestionclub,


I am desperately searching for an old Christmas-themed PC game I played when I was younger. I want to find it for my younger brother to play. Does anybody either:

a) have any idea what the name of this game is, or

b) know of any lj comms/forums/etc where I might have luck finding somebody who has heard of it?

game description below cut - google/yahoo so far has been no help, only turning up tons of results for various shitty Xmas games.

The game starts out with Santa missing, and you are an elf (I think) tasked with searching for him, by Mrs, Claus, maybe? The currency of the game is Ducats, and they are saved in a bank in the lower corner of the screen. There is a train station that brings you between various areas, and vending machines in the train station. One of the areas is a forest that leads to a mansion, and there are various puzzles you have to solve. Another area is the town, and there is a Christmas themed game show you can play. There is also a park, where you can buy roasted chestnuts from a vendor.
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