hikerpoet (hikerpoet) wrote in thequestionclub,

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Dear TQC,

We need your help again! A couple of years ago I asked you guys to come up with some catchphrases for the quantum research company my husband works for and you did a great job and they loved them!


Lately, they've been focusing on building various kids of sensors. Sure, they still build quantum cryptography boxes and particle accelerator parts, but there's been a lot of work on sensors and measuring:

Everything from seismographs to temperature-related things, and even some work on a device that measures the level of waste in poop tanks in ocean going vessels! And people think quantum physics is all abstract! All kinds of practical applications!

Nerds aren't so good at branding. They brainstormed Nu Sense. At first glace, great: optical symbol, focus on the "new" division and it refers to sensors. But then I pointed out it sounds too much like nuisance!

Ideas for names that stress both the quantum/optical aspect and the sensor/measurement aspect?

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