bloodpara (bloodpara) wrote in thequestionclub,

To all who love to read and/or write.

I have some questions for all those here who love to read and/or write.

1. How often do you read? How many books have you read in the past month? Year? What was the last book you read? Did you like it?
2. If you’re a writer, what do you write? Is it personal or have you published?
3. What do you think is the difference between good writing and bad writing? A good novel and bad novel?
4. What is more important to you, the writing style or the content? Does length matter?
5. What do you think makes the difference in style between a fanfic and a novel?
6. Do you think the author’s age makes a big difference in writing style?
7. Would you rather have a novel with long elaborate lyrical sentences or short to-the-point sentences? Do you like having a great deal of scenery description or would you rather have a lot of dialogue?
8. Do you prefer names that are common (Richard, Michael, Amy), uncommon (Destiny, Skye, River), or sound cool (Jorg, Arista, Royce)?
9. Do you skim or power-read through parts you see as boring until you find something interesting?
10. What do you look for when purchasing books? Do the cover and/or description make the biggest impact? Price? Reviews? If you have an e-reader, does the size of the sample matter? How do you search for books to read?
11. And for the last question, what is your favorite book/series? Why?
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