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+.+.+two steps forward, one step back+.+.+

cheesecake drama

I run the birthday club for my small department (less than 10 people). Someone's birthday is tomorrow and I always get a card to pass around for everyone to sign. I also send an email out on what their favorite foods are from a little questionaire I had everyone fill out at the beginning of the year and mention if someone wants to bring something in, they are more than welcome to do so and here is what they said they like.

This time around I thought I would do something a little different. I sent the email out and since this person likes cheesecake so much, I asked if everyone would be willing to donate $1-2 each so I can get a big cheesecake for them and us to share. I did mention it was optional of course, but to let me know either way. Half of the people responded and donated, the other half did not respond and did not donate.

Should I present the gift of cheesecake to this person as if it was from the whole group, or should I attach a little card note saying the cheesecake was from the people that donated?
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