Weltschmerz-ing It Up (tabular_rasa) wrote in thequestionclub,
Weltschmerz-ing It Up

Doctor Thank-You Gift

TQC, what are your thoughts on thank-yous and gifts for doctors?

I will be having my final appointment with my physical therapist soon, and although of course she was doing the job she was paid to do, I’d like to make a point of showing my appreciation because I'm happy with the outcome of my treatment and all along she has been one of the most professional and effective doctors I’ve ever had.

I figure anything too expensive would be unethical for her to accept (and, uh, not really in my budget anyway), but what about something like a thank-you card and a gift card to Starbucks? Or baked goods that can be shared with everybody in the office? (Since the office staff was always so nice, too). Or just a card?

Or is it most appropriate to just give heartfelt thanks in person before I leave the final appointment?
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