RS (rainbowstevie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Combination advice & hypothetical post

Background: I have not yet watched the series finale of "The Office," and now apparently the DVD includes a table read of said episode. I can't decide how I want to experience it: watch the episode first, like a regular fan, or watch the table read first and experience it like a member of the cast, which is a rare and novel opportunity.

[my personal pro/con list, which may or may not influence your answer, so I shall hide it]On the one hand, it would be interesting to form pictures in my head and then see them come to life - and how often do you get to feel like part of a show?*. On the other, it would also be interesting to watch the episode and then hear about some of the material that didn't make the final cut, especially if there are any really good scenes that would have a greater impact if you saw them in their full context rather than just the audio. I have a general idea of the outline from reading basic summaries, but no actual spoilers about the content.

*well, there was that time "The Class" streamed a live table read of a future episode -- I watched that prior to seeing the episode, and found it very enjoyable to see it come to life later, but I also didn't have anywhere near the same emotional investment in the show/characters

Question(s): Which would you watch first, and why? If you have actually seen both, what do you recommend I do?
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