Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

How would you prepare for a soiree where you know you're gong to feel a bit out of your element?

My husband and I are invited to a dinner party tonight hosted by a sci-fi/cyber-punk author and screen-writer for a popular mid-90s movie and another sci-fi/cyber punk writer and former editor for a magazine my husband was really into, both of whom my husband really admires. We're really unclear if's just the six of us in an intimate setting or if it's to be more of a party.

I'm mostly stuck on what to bring and what to wear. We usually bring wine or dessert, but... well, I can't take 2-buck chuck to these people's house and I feel weird bringing a dessert (and don't have time to make one any way). I'm also afraid I'm going to be under or over-dressed. I'm even worried about whether I'm going to manage being a good conversationalist. Oy... I've never worried over things like this before.

Any advice from anyone on either side of the table, so to speak?
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