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stories, stephen king and 'stakes

can you recommend any thriller genre books for me? preferably that i can read on kindle?

i recommend for you ghost story by peter straub. i waited for so long for it to come out on kindle, and it was amazing! it even gave me the GOOD kind of creepy dreams. i'm also currently reading rage against the night which is an anthology of short horror fiction and is raising money for a man with motor neurone disease. there's even a stephen king in there (though i think that particular story was previously published in full dark, no stars - also a fantastic book!)

who is your favourite horror/thriller/scary author?

stephen king

what is your favourite stephen king novel?

the stand

what is your favourite stephen king novella?

so hard!! 1922, or maybe rita hayworth and the shawshank redemption

what is your favourite stephen king short story?

the man in the black suit. it's the second story in everything's eventual. i must have read the story about a thousand times without it making an impression until one day i found myself thinking about it and then i went and sought it out and reread it and found it profoundly disturbing. really really spooky, and i still can't put my finger on why!

have you ever read a book that had a bunch of spelling errors in it? the book that i'm reading now (rage against the night) has really strange spelling mistakes all through it. and not just confined to one story/author. for instance the word aesthetic is used instead of anaesthetic, vagrancies instead of i-have-absolutely-no-idea-what, but-defintely-not-that, and other silly things like that. real words, but not what they're meant to be. i have a ridiculous mental image in my head of the editor's teenaged child earning pocket money by typing up a bunch of stories that were sent in to the editor hand-written (sloppily) by the authors. trying to work out what this or that word is and just letting autocorrect work it out for him.

does it/would it detract from the enjoyment of the story for you? not for me, it makes me feel kind of… connected to the author in a weird way? like they are human.
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