eveschildren (eveschildren) wrote in thequestionclub,

it's that time of year

For the holiday season coming up I want to do something special for the nurses(and the one receptionist) at my doctor's office. I see them about twice a week and although I've only been seeing them for about five months they've already made an impact on my life just by how sincere and compassionate they all are. I've been through many doctors offices in my life and these ladies really are the absolute best so I just want to show my appreciation for them in some way.

I'm already planning on making up some cards for each of them individually but I want to do something else too.

Here's my question: If you work/ed in an office setting what is something you would like someone to bring in for you? Or do you just have any suggestions at all for what I could do? I'm really low on funds so unfortunately it can't be anything extravagant but this means a lot to me so I'm willing to scrimp a little elsewhere to do something.
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