Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,


I've just bought my first home and we've been living here for just over a month. I love the house but it has a lot of work to be done as it's large and 100 years old and shows a lot of cosmetic wear (structurally it's fine but it has some ugly/outdated areas).

The stairs are painted and had a stair runner going down them. The stair runner left a dried patch of glue (I think) on top of the stair where the runner was and then the paint is coming off in random places. Should I try to remove the glue and paint or just paint over the whole thing? The stairs look like they would be really nice where the paint has been rubbed off over the years but it also looks daunting. I just don't want to ruin them even more with whatever I do because I have zero experience in renovations.


dk/dc: What the best thing that happened so far this week? 
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