Harikari (hari_kari) wrote in thequestionclub,

What should I do?

A very close friend of mine is sick. I've known this woman since I was born and her daughter grew up with me. The woman is my mom's best friend and has been for over thirty years. The daughter also has a one year old son.

I have missed two days of work to stay in and around the hospital with this girl and her son. Not many people have come to support her, she is like a sister to me and I've been helping her any way I can. It looks like her mom is going to be going home, but won't likely be out of the hospital until tomorrow.

Is it ok for me to miss a third day of work to be with my friend or should I go back to work? She wants me to stay because she is alone except for her son, but says she will understand if I can't.
She has also always been there for me and I have more than enough annual leave (though maybe not a happy boss or co-workers).
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