Jane (under_a_rose) wrote in thequestionclub,

2 questions in one night. Sorry about that. But I did wait the required 5 questions.

Just looking for some reassurance tbh.

I have 3 siblings. Of the 4 of us, only my sister has children (so far). Her daughters are 2 and 1.
When at her house I noticed my eldest niece had a toy that was very similar to one I had (and loved) as a kid. I mentioned this to my sister and she just brushed it off.
After talking to my brothers (who both live in my childhood home), they told me that my sister raided all the toys and kids stuff that was stored in the house when she was pregnant with her oldest, including all the books I collected from when I was a toddler up until my early teens. I had this set of old Disney books that taught kids how to read and I LOVED them and always wanted to keep them for my own kids if I ever had them.

My sister gave them to her 2 year old and they're now RUINED. My nieces have drew all over them, ripped pages out etc (as you would expect a toddler and a baby to do).

What would your reaction to this be? I was really upset and tried to talk to my sister about this and she gave the good old "I have kids, you don't" and "well you should have had kids first" excuses.

Am I over-reacting? Do I have the right to be upset that I have literally NO childhood keepsakes to give to my kids if/when they ever appear? I would have been fine if my sister just kept them and read the books to my nieces, instead of letting them play with them. (and it's not like they don't have plenty of toys anyway)

TL;DR My sister gave all my childhood keepsakes to her babies who then ruined them. Would you be upset?
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