👯 Cinnamon 👯 (kissofcinnamon) wrote in thequestionclub,
👯 Cinnamon 👯

Who is "they", anyway?

They say "it's the thought that counts" when it comes to gift giving but I'd like to know how far you think that phrase goes.

Do you think all gifts should be "good" (meaning of emotional boost to the receiver) based on the simple fact that they're gifts?

Do you think gift cards or cash are thoughtless gifts? Does your opinion change if the person is doing okay financially and doesn't really need cash or has the ability (financially and otherwise) to shop for themselves for something they want, anyway?

Let's say you have a friend who is trying very hard to declutter their lives to the point of living a minimalist lifestyle. You see The Perfect Thing for them in a store and there's a gift-giving occasion coming up. Do you buy it? Is it thoughtful to do so? Is the recipient ungrateful and lacking in social graces if they point out that it's a nice thought but remind you they're trying to get rid of stuff, not get more?

(I know it sounds like this is a validation or support post but these aren't real life scenarios for me, just random thoughts I had recently when reading about minimalist lifestyles.)

ETA: My answers are here.
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