Sarah (flying_pig7) wrote in thequestionclub,

Imagine you have lots of qualifications but no job. Do you:
a) Keep looking for jobs which you are perfectly qualified for? Chances of getting a job: very low
b) Look for jobs you are slightly overqualified/wrongly qualified for? Chances of getting a job: low - medium
c) Chose from jobs you are very overqualified for? Chances of getting a job: extremely high

For the purposes of imagining, while you have no job you are able to live with and be fed by someone you get on with. But you probably feel bad about it.

I have a BA in languages and an MA in translation. I cannot freelance because I am rubbish at it. There are no in-house translator jobs (or very few anyway so competition is fierce). I just got turned down for another language-requiring job (because I didn't have as much IT knowledge as whoever got it even though they said technical know-how was not needed...). I can't decide whether to keep job hunting (urgh) or go back to being an au pair (which I have done and enjoyed, but always felt underpaid and overqualified, and I know it's not a great life plan). I live with my parents and it's ok but I do feel a bit guilty. I'm the eldest and they can't get rid of me...
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