* (erroroperator) wrote in thequestionclub,

Seeing as TQC seems to be my go-to for work and school queries, I need some help with something (again!).

The job I'm at is the first retail job I've had that's owned by a large corporation. Before that, they were all mom and pop businesses without a huge chain of command or strict policies and procedures. I'm having a problem with my store manager right now. From what I've gathered, she's better than most (very flexible with availability changes, last-minute time off, etc - every university student's dream), but this leads to some scheduling problems. The main one being that it changes all the damn time.

My schedule (for this week) has changed four times (so far) this week, and this is not an uncommon occurrence. It's becoming a huge problem as school is starting to wind down (which of course means that schoolwork is starting to wind up), and I schedule my study/schoolwork time in accordance to my schedule. I'm not sure if this is common practice, which is why I'm coming to you. Is this one of those things that I just need to suck up and deal with or is it appropriate to bring it up with the store manager? There's a good chance (like, almost 100%) she'll acknowledge my problem, but keep changing the schedule every second day. What are my options in that case?
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