Harikari (hari_kari) wrote in thequestionclub,

Social Anxiety Sucks

A guy I work with asked me out. I went out with him twice and he's a nice guy. The problem? He kind of left the ball in my court and I have social anxiety disorder. I wrestled with my anxiety for over a week now, trying to get the nerve up to ask him if he would like to go out again - it only got worse when another co-worker approached me and said the guy told her he 'didn't know what had gone wrong or why I was ignoring him now'. I have a feeling if I approach the guy he probably would go out with me again, though who knows what he'll think about my sanity.

I'm not even sure if I want to date this guy long term, I just think he's nice. But him being upset and others discussing it at work has put a lot of pressure on the situation and I feel guilty for sort of leaving him hanging, I'll feel worse if I ask him and THEN it doesn't work out. So should I ask this guy out again? Or should I just forget it and let the opportunity pass and leave him alone because I'm not sure if I want a long term relationship with him anyway?
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