Jules. (wexdance) wrote in thequestionclub,

I moved out of my parents house to live in an appartment in the big city with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago - long overdue, because my father and I don't get along. My parents are coming to visit for the first time on friday and I don't know what to do for dinner, so please help? Consider my boyfriend and I are vegetarians and my father dislikes anything more exotic than meat and potatoes, so to speak. My mom is okay with everything.

Option A: Restaurant (a really great bistro near where we live). Dad doesn't like to go out to eat. I don't like being in public with him because he is an embarrassing, annoying alcoholic.

Option B: Boyfriend cooks, but all he ever really makes are things dad wouldn't like either (curries, stir-fries, etc.). He really wants to do it though and he has the time.

Option C: I cook something no one would love but everyone could live with, like a simple pasta. I won't have much time/won't feel like cooking after working all day.

Option D: Mom cooks something everyone could live with at home and brings it, but I really don't like that idea.

Other options? What should I do? Can you think of a recipe that would suit both vegetarians and meat-loving 'traditional' eaters? I know I'm making way too big a deal of this, btw.
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