Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,


If you live in the US, did you vote today or do you plan to?  What all was on the ballot?  Ours was a bunch of mostly boring administrative stuff but it was actually a welcome break from all the ridiculously politically charged proposals.

Do you prefer to sell your used but unneeded/unwanted items or donate them?  If you donate, where do you donate to?

I was notified that I won a door prize at a mothering/baby store last weekend (a baby lovey thing).  The store is about 35 minutes from my home and I have no need of this particular door prize (I signed up hoping to win one of the bigger ticket items) as I'm on my second kiddo and already have all the toys / loveys a kid could ever want.  I called them to let them know that I was declining to pick up the prize and that they should re-draw someone else so that the item could get some use and the girl acted like I was being rude or something.  Maybe it was ungrateful?
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