Bloody Bitch (o0okireo0o) wrote in thequestionclub,
Bloody Bitch

I start my new job tomorrow. Yay! I am nervous as heck.

I've been working in call centers for 5 years ( Good thing I got that Master's degree). They were generally laid back to a point. Jeans, cells phones, playing on facebook was all ok. I feel completely unprepared to work in an office. I have to wear nice clothes, had to wear a stud rather then a ring in my nose.

Any advice (srs and non srs) about how to behave in a nice office? I figure I will pick up on things as I go on, but I'm worried I'm going to do a huge no no and welp, no job. I figure no cell phone ( I text a lot), stay off facebook, don't light any fires...

Are shirts without buttons ok to wear? Such as loose sweaters, plain shirts?
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