aviv_b (aviva barucha) (aviv_b) wrote in thequestionclub,
aviv_b (aviva barucha)

Amazon Free Shipping vs Amazon Prime

Amazon recently changed their free shipping requirements, increasing them from $25 to $35. It also appears that there are fewer items that qualify than in the past. I haven't had too much problem meeting the $25 minimum, but if they keep cutting back on items or making other items qualify only as 'add ons' then this may become impractical.

Amazon Prime runs $79/yr and has free 2-day shipping. (It also has free streaming of videos, which I might use occasionally). I don't care as much about the 2-day delivery as I do about not paying a lot of shipping costs.

I'm guessing I order from Amazon at least once a month. Should I go with Amazon Prime or keep cobbling together a required minimum order to qualify for free shipping?

DK/DC - bagel or muffin?
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