👯 Cinnamon 👯 (kissofcinnamon) wrote in thequestionclub,
👯 Cinnamon 👯

Etiquette and Pleasantries and Manners, Oh My!

First, for those in the know, how do tips work when they're added to a card? Does the server get cash at the end of their shift? Is it added to their check? I'm assuming that cash on the spot is better but I could be wrong... which is why I'm asking. :P

DK/DC: Were you raised with an emphasis on manners: always saying please and thank you, addressing elders or authority figures as sir or ma'am? Does it bug you when people don't use the kind of manners with which you were raised?*

*Brought to you by the trick or treating hoard. My husband and I were sitting in chairs on the driveway so we were about kid high and there was a disturbing plethora of glassy-eyed children who shoved their trick or treat bags in my face and turned on their heel when they'd gotten their candy without saying trick or treat or anything else, much less "thank you". Many of them with their parents right there.

ETA: If you do call everyone sir and ma'am when you're trying to be polite, has anyone ever gotten angry at you, thinking you're either mocking them or insulting them by calling them old or something?
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