ohh cloudy days (what_is_written) wrote in thequestionclub,
ohh cloudy days

Happy Halloween :)

So I live upstairs in an apartment complex. We do have a good number of kids around so I bought a couple small bags of candy. I wanted to hand out candy this year but:
I have a 15 month old son who never can stay up past 7:15 pm. So he will be sleeping at the prime trick or treating time and the constant knocking and loud kids at the door would not be a good thing. (Our apartment is really small) I am also sick as heck in my first trimester and don't feel like getting up and down all night. (lame, I know).

So I was going to just light up the jack o lanterns and set out a bowl of candy with a "Take some, please!" sign. That way the kids get candy without having to knock and make noise. My husband thinks I am crazy and that one kid will take it all, etc. But I feel like they will be with parents and its not like we get tons and tons of kids. I'm guessing ten. At most. I think most kids will do the right thing and just take a few.

So, TQC, what do you think? Is my husband right and I'm crazy to do this? Should I just turn off the lights and not set it out?
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