followills (followills) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone here work for Sephora or know anything about their return policy?

I recently bought a gift set there (it is Benefit brand and contains a cheek stain, a powder, a highlight cream and a lip gloss) and it gave me a huge rash. I don't have super sensitive skin & I have used benefit before but I guess this one just doesn't work. I want to return it because it was expensive but it is used (only twice). Will they take it back?

I ASKED for a sample but the girl was pretty useless.
The Sephora is a new location and the staff sucks. Make up is one of my favourite things and I am a pretty decent Sephora customer but lately I have been so unimpressed that I switched back to MAC simply because I like the customer service better.

dk/dc: Dark or milk chocolate?
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