I am what I am and you can't do anything about it (shiori_hime) wrote in thequestionclub,
I am what I am and you can't do anything about it

Beauty/fashion/makeup and hair lovers of TQC, help me with some beauty tips please.

I'm trying to learn how to apply eyeliner (both in the sense of learning how to do it without making a mess and learning how to do it so it looks good on me). Right now I have a black eyeliner that I like, but it's a bit much for everyday wear. I want to get a less intense color to wear on a more regular, everyday basis with more natural-looking makeup. I have brown hair and eyes, and pale skin. Would some shade of brown work? Or grey? Something else? Does it depend more on what matches the rest of my makeup?

Also, my hair. It's long, kind of on the thick side, and has a bit of natural curl to it...and it's impossible for me to do anything with it. I can't even get it to hold a curl with a curling iron (but I can straighten it). Usually if I do manage to curl it at all, any attempt at brushing or combing it to make it look more presentable results in my hair looking like a frizzy mess and/or in losing all of the curl. Any ideas on how to make difficult hair hold a curl or wave without getting a perm? My hair is pretty healthy and perms are expensive, so I would rather not get into perming my hair if possible.
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