The Duct-Tape Ninja (ducttapeninja) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Duct-Tape Ninja

Some Questions About Birds (Crows and Ravens, Specifically)

Do you have any experience in caring for a crow or raven? (Rehabilitating an injured bird, or owning one as a pet) Would you consider them difficult to care for? Why? (Bonus points if you have pictures. <3)

If you were to have a pet crow or raven, what type would you go for (Pied crow, hooded crow white-necked raven, etc)? Would you prefer a male or a female? What would you name it?

I've lived around crows my whole life (ravens didn't start showing up in my area until I was older), so I've always been fascinated by them and their intelligence in particular. Birds of all kinds are basically my passion, so I've been really wanting to get one as a pet and have been looking into it for years and have a clusterfuck of how-to care notes stashed away on my phone, iPod, and several text documents on my computer and laptop. According to wildlife laws where I live, owning any native species is considered illegal, but non-native species are fine. I've found a breeder that raises all sorts of different kinds, and I'm really leaning towards a white-necked raven in particular. Granted, all of this won't be happening for a few years yet, as I'd like to make sure first and foremost that I can afford its care (I mean, the bird itself is going to cost $2,000+ by the time I even get it, then there's building the cage for it, and food and toys and whatnot), and have the space in my home for it.

I'd probably get a male, though I'm not sure on what I might name it-- I'm feeling something like Sebastian or Mordecai. I've had a few friends jokingly tell me to name it Russell so I can figure out how many of my friends actually know the difference between crows and ravens (or in this case... Crowes?)

Mostly I'm just bored and wanna ask silly questions about birds and maybe get some opinions or suggestions from fellow bird-lovers or any current/former corvid owners.

DK/DC: If you could have any animal-- living, extinct, or fictional-- as a pet to spend the rest of your life with, what would it be?
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