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What's your cats name?
Where does your cat eat?
Will you post a picture of your cat (or whatever pet you have)?
eta: Is it gross to let the cat on the table? She picked it up from my in-laws who took her for a year until we got our own house. Now she's on the table a lot. I know it's one of the only places she can escape the kids but it still bothers me, even with cleaning the table a lot. I'm on the fence if I should try to get her to stop coming up here or just get used to wiping it a lot.

Since we moved I can't find a good place for the cat food. I could put it out in the porch but it will be so cold in there come winter and there's a small hole in the corner so mice might get in because of the food. Plus then she can only get at her food/water when I open the door for her. Right now she's eating on the table because she can't jump the baby gate (or I'd just put it on the stairs for her).

I tried feeding her just at night when the kids won't bother her/get into her gross food but she harasses me all day, weaving in-between my legs and almost killing me while I carry the babies around. Or the babies will catch her while she harasses me and really pull on her hard. It's really hard to get a pinned cat out from under two little almost toddlers.

She's always had water and food available to her all day. What should I do? It's got to be out of the kids reach but accessible to her, and she's a pretty stout cat who can't jump that high. She tried to jump on the table without the chair...and well...she didn't make it. lol.


Don't have a cat? Why not?
What are your plans today? 
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