kaycee (ballroom) wrote in thequestionclub,

he's just not that into you?

I need some honest opinions/thoughts on the below situation, because I'm not entirely sure what to think.

recently I started talking to this guy, we'll call him Jay. we would text every day, he'd always text me good morning and goodnight if anything. we would also talk on the phone every other night for no less than 2 - 3 hours. we connected really well, and we both started to develop a crush on one another that we both couldn't explain. he seemed incredibly into me.

we finally met this past Sunday. he came over to my place so we could talk and get to see how things are in person. they went really well. we had no awkward silences. I'm casually dating right now so yes we did get physical, and it was wonderful. the chemistry seemed to carry over in person just the same. when he was leaving he kept telling me how much I make him smile, and how awesome of a time he had and that he can't wait to do it again.

this was only two days ago, but since he left he's seemed a bit distant. I can't tell if I am reading too much into it, but he said he's been kinda sick and feeling like crap. still.. the way he talks to me is kinda different. he's not flirty with me anymore and doesn't text me nearly as much.

today we're texting each other a little bit, and he tells me that all day his ex girlfriend's best friend has been blowing up his phone. he didn't answer the calls, but we were just discussing the topic casually when he goes "yeah. she's hot as shit, too."

honestly? we're not an exclusive thing and I'm fine with that, but it really hurt my feelings to hear that, as he knows how I felt kinda insecure around him (I was in a really shitty relationship prior to this and was constantly feeling physically judged). I decided that instead of just sitting on how I felt and letting it fester, I told him, as calmly and politely as I could while trying not to make things weird.

Why would he tell me about finding some other girl hot? Is this all just a sign that he's not into me despite all of his words and actions saying other wise, or maybe was he trying to make me jealous?

dk/dc - when's the last time a romantic interest hurt your feelings and how?
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